Furnace Safety/Fall Rebate/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s that time of year when we start to turn off the A/C and turn on our heating systems in our homes. Right now, as Fall begins, it’s the perfect time to have your heating system inspected for safety and proper operation. During a routine furnace maintenance, we will inspect your heat exchanger for cracks, check for gas leaks, check for proper venting of the flue exhaust system, and we check for proper and safe burner operation. Furnace systems can present potential health and fire hazards if not properly checked and inspected on an annual basis. We can come to your home and perform an inspection/tune-up.

We are also bringing Carbon Monoxide awareness to all of our customers where we can provide and install Carbon Monoxide detectors, if needed. If you already have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed, please check the batteries before you start using your heating system.